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Cloud Comupting

Cloud computing is one of the most talked about IT trends today. This is because of the fact that cloud computing has helped several enterprises to save money while adding to the convenience of the users.  The word ‘Cloud’ refers to the widespread internet, which means Cloud Computing is an internet based computing where services are delivered to the users via internet.

Need of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is now becoming a business standard. It simplifies the user’s accessibility. It provides a virtual storage space to the user which could be used without bothering about the details of the entire mechanism. Here are some other reasons why every enterprise might need cloud computing for their business:

Cost savings

Cloud computing removes the requirement of a company to invest in storage hardware and servers.


Even if part of the cloud environment fails or stops working, the other resources continue to work until the problem is fixed


Cloud Computing offers optimum security which protects you against any unauthorized access, modification and loss of data.

Career Prospects

Cloud computing jobs are on the rise. According to a recent analysis, the international cloud computing market is expected to rise to $72 billion by 2015, and around 3 lakh job opportunities in India are expected in the same period.

The roles in Cloud Computing might range from cloud developers to operators. Every role comprises of the knowledge of the cloud computing basics and certain domain specific skills. Here are some of the popular Cloud related job profiles:

Open Stack


Elastic Service

On Demand

Organic Food





  • Why Data Science?

    • The demand for data scientists is huge, it's higher than the available candidates.
    • Career Growth And Salaries
    • Various job designations for the data science analysts
  • What certificate will I get?

    Post the successful completion of the program, you will be awarded the Advanced Diploma in Data Science Certification, we are Knowledge partner with MapR.


    On completion of the Data Science Course with Deep Neural Network, aspirants will receive an industry endorsed Certificate of completion from Duratech Solutions.

  • Will you provide placements?

    Our Placement Assistance team will provide you with the ideal platform to launch your career through resume building sessions, mock interviews, mentorships, interview preparation. Our team will also work towards finding you interview opportunities, as well as thoroughly prepare you prior to every interview.

  • Tell me in short about course content


    • Data Science in R Programming
    • Data Science in Python
    • Visualization in Tableau, QlickView
    • No SQL Integration in MongoDB
    • Cloud Deployment in AWS
  • What are the benefits in learning with Duratech?

    • Highly skilled industry expert trainers
    • Mostly one and one training
    • Flexible timing
    • Without clearning the doubts next topic will not be started
    • Exposure to advanced Data science concepts through experienced and senior Solution Architect
    • Presentations with Live Examples and real project scenarios, Business use cases.
    • Optionally the students can work in our application(Real time project) based on their interest
    • Internships will be offered to high performing students
    • Profile Development & Placement assistance
  • What is the eligibility / prerequisite for learning data science?

    You do not need a specific degree to become a data scientist. There are many people with Bachelor's degrees working in this profession. You do need solid statistical training to become a proficient data scientist, we train you to get that proficiency.

  • Do I need to bring my own laptop?

    The candidates need to bring their own laptops, the technology requirement shall be shared during the training.

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Data Science Course Content

  • Programming in Data Science using R

    • Statistical Techniques in R Programming
    • Exploratory Data Analysis in R Programming
    • Machine Learning introduction in R Programming
    • Data Visualization in R Programming
  • Relational Database Management Systems

    • Relational Database Management Systems in MySQL
    • NoSQL Databases Introduction, 4 Types of NoSQL DBs
  • Basics to Advanced MongoDB

    • Large Data Handling in MongoDB
    • Distributed Processing & Querying in MongoDB
    • Replicaset(Clustering) & Sharding
    • Location Based Services Using MongoDB
    • MongoDB Integration with R & Python
  • Python Programming

    • Python Basics
    • Functional Programming in Python
    • Statistical Processing
    • Data Import and Export, Transformations, Loading, Preparation
    • Data Distribution & Analysis, Data Preparation for Machine Learning
    • Machine Learning
    • Data Visualization
  • Mini Project

    • Students will submit their fully integrated mini project
  • Big Data

    • Hadoop
    • Spark
  • Data Visualization - Tableau

    • Data Visualization using Tableau
    • Data Visualization using QlikView
  • Integration Model

    Integration Model for SQl, NoSQL, Data Warehouse, Semi-Structured & Unstrctured data with Bigdata
  • Final Project

    • Final Project with Realtime data
  • Final accomplishment

    • Profile Building, Interview Tips & Companies to Target
    • Mock Interview
    • Internship Placement
    • Job Placement, Adding to Alumni Portal, Subscription to Industry updates
    • SignOff & Certification
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  • Sashi K | Cloud

    The depth of content is very clear from the scratch to the industry needs and I have the confidence to build my own applications.

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