Advanced Diploma in Data Science

 Data Science Course Content


1. Programming in Data Science using R

2. Statistical Techniques in R Programming

3. Exploratory Data Analysis in R Programming

4. Machine Learning introduction in R Programming

5. Data Visualization in R Programming

6. Relational Database Management Systems in MySQL

7. NoSQL Databases Introduction, 4 Types of NoSQL DBs

8. Basics to Advanced MongoDB

a. Large Data Handling in MongoDB

b. Distributed Processing & Querying in MongoDB

c. Replicaset(Clustering) & Sharding

d. Location Based Services Using MongoDB

e. MongoDB Integration with R & Python

9. Python Programming

a. Python Basics

b. Functional Programming in Python

c. Statistical Processing

d. Data Import and Export, Transformations, Loading, Preparation

e. Data Distribution & Analysis, Data Preparation for Machine Learning

f. Machine Learning

g. Data Visualization

10. Mini Project

11. Scala Programming

12. Bigdata

a. Hadoop

b. Spark

13. Data Visualization using Tableau and QlikView

14. Integration Model for SQl, NoSQL, Data Warehouse, Semi Structured & Unstrctured data with Bigdata

15. Final Project with Realtime data

16. Conclusion

17. Profile Building, Interview Tips & Companies to Target

18. Mock Interview

19. Internship Placement

20. Job Placement, Adding to Alumni Portal, Subscription to Industry updates

21. SignOff & Certification

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